• Raku firingIn Ceramics I, Ms. Lindsay Atlas surprises the class with a Raku firing demonstration. After going outside and instructing the students to stand back, Atlas began the ancient firing practice. Clay is taken out at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and quickly moved into the galvanized trash cans full of combustible material. In the trash cans, the glaze on the clay radically changed as it reacted with the uneven flame. “The process of Raku firing is used to give an ancient, mystical look to the clay, and the result can never be fully predicted. Although there is a lot of risk in this process, there is an unmatched finish which makes the piece unique beyond the artist’s intent,” Kia Azar said. Photo by K. AZAR

    Chick-fil-A fundraiserStanding behind the front counter, Mr. Kym Milisci and Mrs. Jennifer Reasner work at Chick-fil-A on May 22 in order to support an annual fundraiser to raise money for Assist-a-Grad where staff members serve customers. The fundraiser lasted from 5-8 p.m., and each staff member worked in shifts. Their duties varied from trash clean-up to working the register. Photo by A. BULL-WINDHAM

    In Photo II on May 21, Brandon Nguyen and Russell Drumright use the sun to print images onto t-shirts. “First, we roll Inkodye, a light-sensitive chemical that reacts to light, onto a white t-shirt. We choose a digital image and print the negative of that image onto a transparency. We place that onto the Inkodye-soaked […]

    During the annual spring dance show, Mrs. Amber O’Brien’s Dance IV class performs a dance called “Time,” choreographed by Makeila Lee, on May 15. More than 300 dancers performed to a sold out crowd every day of the dance show, titled “What a Feeling.” Photo by M. MALM

    In the ballroom at the Masonic Temple on May 11, seniors dance during the ‘Arabian Nights’ themed Senior Ball. The dance was held at the Masonic Temple and 360 people attended. The event was catered by the Granite Rock Grill and the menu included chicken cordon bleu, fettucine alfredo and an ice cream sundae bar […]

    On May 10, ROTC cadets perform drill routines and conduct formal inspections at the football stadium from 7:40 a.m. to 2:40 p.m. as their final intramural uniform wear exam. The final exam was 200 points and included inspections, standard drill, exhibition, intramural and a goodbye performance for the seniors. Photo by L. HANKINS

    On May 9, the boys’ varsity volleyball team breaks their huddle after the first match. The team played against Christian Brothers for the championship title. Throughout the season, the team kept their undefeated record of 31-0 for the third season in a row. The team had one player, Cole Aidnik, pulled up from JV for […]

    Outside of the C building, Kia Azar participates in an ice cream eating contest against his classmates during seventh period photojournalism. Photojournalism does themed photo shoots in order to test their ability on action and reaction shots. The class voted on the best picture and the winners Chelsey Burgess and Sara Miller received a prize. […]

    As part of their seniors projects for theater, Nikki Detrich, Kylie Borchelt and Sydney Rae-Gonzales put together a comedy skit on April 26. Detrich’s skit involved a passenger who is afraid of flying and two opposite characters interact with each other on the airplane. Each senior was responsible for writing and performing an original play. […]

    Dressed up for a Roaring ’20s themed Junior Prom, Alyssa Mann and Manny Ramos enter the Sacramento Automobile Museum on April 20. After administration checked their belongings, Mann and Ramos check in at a table to verify that they bought tickets. The night started out with Miss Jennifer Yadon releasing tables, five at a time, […]

    Water balloon toss for extra credit

    During a spontaneous water balloon fight in photojournalism class, Colton Trent soaks Amanda Stehlik during seventh period on May 31. Students had been photographing action and reaction during outdoor photo activities and Stehlik suggested the water balloons as a fun topic for an extra photo shoot. She and classmate Shawna Boyd brought the supplies and […]

    Liquid club has final meeting

    During a Liquid club meeting on May 29, members have a potluck lunch. The Liquid club usually met Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and do a religious-related activity. This meeting was their last meeting for the year, so to celebrate they decided to have a potluck. Photo by N. O’FARRELL