• Sara Roudebush & Liz Grover

    co-editors-in-chief Sara Roudebush and Liz Grover

    Hi, I’m Sara. I’m really kind of just a little bit of a yearbook nerd. This year I was editor-in-chief with my absolutely amazing partner, Elizabeth Grover. We came up with the design and theme of the book, which we sort of love … a lot. I’m fully aware that some of the things we thought through in this book, people will never notice, (like the time quotes, the ones in the reference section have 20 quotes and the ones in the chronological section have 10. Get it? 2010? Yeah, we thought that was clever, too!) but I hope that how complete the theme is came across to all of our readers; there is it’s about time stuff literally everywhere.

    As all of my friends know, I basically spend most of my time in C-2 working on my omnipresent list of things to do. However, I am fully convinced that this class has the most fun on campus. It’s a well known fact that yearbook people love to eat, so we like to throw “purely educational” parties quite often. We also like to embarrass ourselves. I know that some of my most embarrassing moments have come from interviewing the wrong person or having to call someone I have never talked to in my entire life. In the end though, I think it’s all worth it.

    Hello reader! I’m Elizabeth Ann (no ‘e’ unlike Kaitlynn) Grover but most people call me Liz cause it’s shorter for sports and such. If you haven’t seen me around much at lunch these last two years it’s because I spend all my lunches in C-2, where I could probably live for a few days off all the cereal and food we have. So anyway, my high school experience would not be the same without yearbook. I’ve always been a shy person but after four years of tracking down people, making embarassing phone calls to strangers like Ricky Banga, asking embarassing questions like “Do you have webbed feet?” and burning calories literally running back and fourth from C-2 (sometime with the people I need to interview—thanks, Joe Mummbulthie!), yearbook has helped me come out of my shell just a bit. So thank you, yearbook, for that. Anyway, this year has been the most amazing yearbook year I have ever had. I was reunited with my amazing complement Sarabeth as editors-in-chief and had a dream staff. Staff: if you are reading this, thanks a million for all that you have been- you guys are awesome. And with such an amazing staff we were able to create a yearbook masterpiece.

    I could not possibly pick one favorite thing, but a few of my favorite parts are the theme pages and all of our incredible pictures! It’s about time (ha ha- I can’t say that phrase without thinking of yearbook) we all learned how to shoot without a flash in the theater and for rallies! Right about now I should talk about a greatest accomplishment, but there is no way I can pick one so I am going to cheat a little. Making this book is my greatest accomplishment. From planning the theme at Panera and Tahoe (hahaha, good times :) ), to completely developing the design and the use of time; then excuting everything with such high quality- the product as a whole is of what I am most proud. Now I will try and wrap this up because I could go on forever. Basically, my time in C2 has changed my life. I have faced my greatest challenges here, learned my most valuable life lessons and have made my greatest accomplishment so far.

    Lori and Kaitlynn

    managing editors Loriana Di Gino & Kaitlynn Gruber

    Hey hey … I’m Loriana (and don’t be afraid to pack it on) … well, Lori for short. I have been on this wonderful thing called yearbook for four years now along with my partner Kaitlynn … more commonly known as Sunshine This summer we (along with Liz-beth—as I call her—and Sara poo) went to Tahoe with our magnificent teacher Mrs. Nichols. This would definitely have to be one of my favorite things this year. There was the child who thought squirting strangers with a play toy was HILARIOUS, our King Kong sand castle that everyone was jealous of … especially the little girl who was stealing valuable pieces to it, and of course who could forgot our new friend Petrie. Along with those fabulous times we brainstormed ideas for this year’s book.

    Of course no one knows exactly how long this took or might not notice some of the little things like the two sides of the theme and the Facebook correlation on every spread that I love oh so much. Throughout the years we cannot forget the embarrassing moments that I came across, like unknowingly yelling at a kid’s answering machine to get a quote (which involved a lot of “Sir, you don’t know me but I need you to listen, I’m very important.” Why I said “Sir” is still beyond me!), and of course as you might have seen going to interview people who didn’t exist or were never in that class—fun times.

    This year has been amazing! I will never forget the giant yellow coverage list and the pride we had when we highlighted a name. Yes, that’s how much of a yearbook nerd I am. But this being my last year has been one I will never forget. Chomper out.

    Hello, I’m Kaitlynn Anne (yes, with an ‘e’ Liz)! I’ve been in yearbook for four years and have gone through it all with my good friend and partner Lori Di Gino. We’re also known as Mac & Cheese, (which is what Mrs. Nichols yells for us when we perform in rallies as dance captains). It’s been an amazing experience to help create something so fun and important. The best thing is at our end of the year banquet when we get to see it done and made for the first time! We all gather around and listen to the crackly noise the book makes when we open the cover—I know it might sound weird but it’s just a yearbook thing.

    Anywho, the four of us, me, Lori, Liz and Sara have been together since Day One freshman year. We seriously have made some of the funniest memories ever. Oh I’m sorry, our names are Duckie, Chomper, Little Foot and Sarah (Mrs. Nichols is of course Spike). We got these names on our super fun trip to Tahoe over the summer, which I’ll never forget. Yeah, we went up there to plan the yearbook, and there were a ton of great ideas and designs formed, but we also had so much fun. We hung out at the pool and played crazy games while a little boy kept squirting us with his squirt gun. We went and got ice cream, except the scooper guy was ancient and took about 30 minutes to scoop our ice cream.  We spent a few hours at the beach in the FREEZING water picking up rocks in the deep water with our feet to put around our ginormous sand castle, which we named King Kong…

    We have spent numerous hours editing pages in the yearbook room and even though it can be super tiring, we constantly make each other laugh and make the best of everything. This year, Lori and I were in charge of covering every person at this school with the time quotes on each spread—yes, every single person. Every time we got to highlight a new name off the name list (meaning we covered another person) we would celebrate. This year has been great and I am so excited about the final product. I will never forget the memories I’ve made in this class with the fabulous people I’ve experienced it with.