• index editors

    Margaret Tinker, Kourtnee Hogue & Carrissah Calvin

    So, I’m Margaret. All I have to say is yearbook has got to be the best class ever. It is only my first year on staff, but it feels like I’ve been here for a while. Finishing my first spread with my oh so amazing partners,Kourt and Princess Carrissah (yes, that’s what we call her), was definitely the best feeling. Well, that and finally finishing the index. You so don’t know what tedious is until you sit in front of a computer for four hours typing in numbers. But it’s definitely worth it. Yearbook is not always just work, though. We always have time for food. We love it. We can have fun and still create an amazing book, and it’s definitely a great book this year. Everybody should notice the awesome pictures and the index (just thought I would remind you). Yearbook is always the best part of my day, and sometimes the most embarrassing. Like when it took me walking into the wrong classrooms four times before finding out the girl I needed to quote wasn’t even there that day. Yeah, yearbookers are cool, and we love it. Hello, I’m Kourtnee (aka Kourt).  I have so many fond memories in yearbook, but I have to say my favorite would be when Margaret (or Moget), Carissah (or Princess Carissah) and I talk about random things that have happened to us during our years at Whitney High School. But my worst memory was when I went to the wrong room twice and the person I asked for didn’t even go to our school. Let’s just say I got really red in the face and ran out of the classroom. When we finished our first spread, it felt like we had accomplished something big for the yearbook. In this year’s yearbook, there are so many things I like about it, but most I like the design packages. I think they’re well put together and each one has part of the theme in it. I hope people notice the hard work we put into the yearbook and also the pictures too. The pictures from last year’s yearbook to this year’s have improved a lot! Overall this yearbook is amazing and I think the spread I like the most is the second spread Margaret, Carissah and I created. I know what you’re thinking, it is kind of conceited to think that—but come on. it took us a long time to make it and perfect it so of course I’m going to choose our spread. I’m grateful I was blessed with such amazing partners and to be part of a great yearbook staff.

      Hi I’m Carrissah, this is my first year on the Whitney Details Staff and I love it! My staff partners call me Princess Carrissah because one day I was absent and they had to make my crown for yearbook. My goal is to make next year’s yearbook even better than this year’s. My most embarrassing moment was when I went to the midnight premiere for New Moon and I interviewed someone and then found out they didn’t go to Whitney. They were just looking at me like I was crazy. My favorite part of the yearbook is after deadlines and we get to see finished spreads and everyone else’s talents. My favorite part of yearbook is when we finish a spread and I feel accomplished because we started with a blank screen and transformed into a spread.


    clubs editors

    Elyssa Seals & Katie Rogers

     Hi, I’m Elyssa. And this has already started off  awkward, sweet. Being part of yearbook is awesome because I not only get to sit next to my partner Katie, but I get to design and make cool things that are totally awesome. Dear lordy, my favorite yearbook memory would have to be when I won the biggest stalker award. I mean seriously, I’m such a yearbook nerd. Gosh, I creep myself out. Embarassing moment? Ha, my life is one right after another. But let’s say you were forcing me to choose my most embarassing moment, well, the answers could range anywhere from tripping on air to misspelling every THIER or THEIR or however else you want to spell the stupid word. Ha ha. I loved making the clubs pages. Me and Katie, were like the greatest set of partners EVER. We rocked the boat on those pages. People better recognize. They are legit. If anyone hates on the clubs pages, watch out. I’m coming after YOU. Ha ha. And since I am a stalker, I could really find you. Although, the clubs pages weren’t my favorite. (I mean, I love them more than life, so you still better recongnize) but I liked the first spread me and Katie did. It was like our little baby. And all of the photos on the spread were either taken by me and Katie. Yeah, I know: SO AWESOME. Well, finishing a spread in a week was pretty crazy awesome too. Yeah, check it, the last chronological page, that’s ours. Well anyways … Yeah, I love Katie! Oh, and yearbook. Because in the end, I’m really just a super nerd for yearbook :)


    Hi! I’m Katie, I’m a clubs editor this year with my awesome partner, Elyssa. Well… I think my favorite part of this year’s book is… everything. I know that sounds super cheesy, but I honestly could think of any section in the book and be like, “Ah, that’s totally my favorite.” I love our clubs pages, but of course that’s my baby. The specialty pages also turned out looking really good. I have plenty of moments this year that could be considered embarrassing, but I still had fun through it all. Yeah, I like Avocadoes J sorry, inside joke. I would explain it, but it probably wouldn’t even be funny. So, in the book we did a few chronological pages like everyone else, but we also did all of the clubs pages, so check those out. One of my favorite yearbook moments would be seeing the print-out of our first chronological spread this year. (The one with the Battle Cry package.) Seeing the end product was amazing. I felt pretty accomplished, knowing that I made it, and it turned out to be awesome. So yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’ll be back next year!


    senior section editors Kyla Sebens & Catherine Teano

     Hello, my name is Catherine Teano. I have been in yearbook for about three years and as a senior I’ve grown to love it more every year. This year I partnered up with Kyla Sebens and we are co-senior editors. At first, we didn’t have a clue on what we were doing. Then once we got used to it we were flying smoothly like paper airplanes. Kyla and I designed nine senior spreads, one chronological spread, one In the Moment spread, and the senior superlatives. When we began our spreads, we always felt that our job was simple. Once the deadline arrived, we were stressed out of our mind. We took deep breaths, put our hand to each other’s shoulder, and said to each other, “It’s okay. Calm down.” While designing pages, I tend to pronounce the “ctrl”  as “si-trol” instead of “control” and Kyla and Lori continuously reminded me how to say it. This year the yearbook has these off the chart speciality pages which I think are beyond amazing and unique. Lastly, the senior superlatives spread looks awesome with all the senior quotes and it was a good way to end the year. I will be looking forward to putting my yearbook knowledge to future use and remembering all the fun time in Details yearbook.


    Hi, I’m Kyla (like Kyle but for a girl). This is my first year in yearbook and its been absolutely crazy. Cathy and I were in charge of all the senior stuff, actually we might even be called the senior editors, I’m not quite sure. We put together the specialty senior spreads, the senior superlatives, and everyone’s pictures of them all decked out. My favorite part of yearbook is when I see a picture I took on another spread. The food is pretty good to though. I do not have just one single embarrassing moment. It is pretty much every time I open up InDesign, because I really don’t know what I’m doing. I am always asking Cathy whether I should use the white arrow or the black one. I really really really like the book this year. And I’m not saying that because its been the only one I‘ve worked one. But because it is truly a piece of art from both a journalistic and design standpoint. I hope each and every one of you, take in every word on every page, because we made it just for you.


    Mariah Fairbanks & Stephanie Grover

     Hey there, it’s Mariah! Being a part of the yearbook staff was really a fun experience. There was stress, embarrassment and a whole lot of laughter for everyone. Stephanie and I worked well together. She taught me new ways to edit photos on Photoshop and I taught her how to use InDesign. Our personalities balanced each other out a lot because I am more of a “go with the flow” kind of gal and Stephanie likes things done strategically. Photos last year were an issue for me I would see great photos and think it was impossible to be that good. This year I mastered picture taking. Score! Although the pictures are extremely good there are stories behind them that are even more important and most people fail to read them. I hope you appreciate all the hard work the entire staff has put into this book. Ummm … yeah, that’s it. Goodbye for now.

    Hello, I’m Stephanie :-). Pubs is different than any other class on campus; it’s really the only group of people that work collectively for an entire year on the same thing, and the final project is seen by the whole school. Pressure’s on. But a little stress never killed anyone, and if anyone knew anything about stress it would be our editors … but I digress. For the better part of this year, Brycen Guerrero and I designed the business and senior ads section, which I am incredibly proud of. Even though the yearbook is about everyone and school and whatnot, I hope the ads section isn’t completely ignored because it looks beautiful. Later on, Mariah and I made a spread! Yay! Our spread looks really good, and props to Mariah for answering all my questions about InDesign, because I didn’t know anything about it. Besides having two amazing partners and making lots of pages of the book, my favorite favorite FAVORITE part of yearbook is taking pictures. All of the pictures in this book are fantastic, everything from the opening and closing pictures to the little tiny “week in photos” packages. Take a look, I think you’ll be impressed. In fact, I hope after looking at everything that is all tied together perfectly by our theme, you’ll close your yearbook and say, “Wow. That was awesome!” and then re-open it and look at everything again. Because the yearbook is amazing. Period.

    Lauren Roudebush & Amanda Peterson

    Hello I’m Lauren, but most people will probably know me as Sara’s little sister, and after they find out that, yes, me and Sara are relalated, the next question is, “Are you in Yearbook?” and the answer is obviously yes. I guess it just runs in the family. Anyway, this year has been so amazing. It’s definantly my favorite class … ever. I had an amazing partner this year, Amanda Peterson. We basically balanced each other out, in every way. She is amazing at making things and designing stuff, and I go get all the information for our spreads and bring food to eat during ‘daily discussion’ in class. I’m am so excited to get to see the entire yearbook, because its somehting I have done that will be there forever. Seeing mine and Amanda’s first spead finished was such a great feeling, not to mention our ‘paper plate’ award we later got for it. Yayy! So happy! Yearbook is like a family with 33 members. Not counting the amazing help in Pubs 1. Everyone is so nice and we share a common interest (yearbook) and we all get along. I’m turning into a yearbook nerd just like my sisters, and I’m loving every moment of it. 

    Hello, I’m Amanda. This year was my first year in yearbook class and basically, I love it. Most people have a “thing” in high school and I already know yearbook is going to be my “thing.” I worked with my spectacular partner Lauren on spreads that we are oh so proud of (my favorite being the one with Katie Sobeck’s smiley face as our dominant). We are the perfect team and we balance eachother out completely. Really, Lauren is amazing and she brings me alphabet cookies to eat in class. Which brings me to the food. I must say that has got to be the best part of yearbook, especially Liz’s brownies. Along with being on staff, I was on the editorial board so I got to get a taste of what it is like to be an editor. For me, staying after school when we had proofs for countless hours and being at school to finish the book was all worth it to me. Just the fact that I can hold this magnificant book that we all worked so hard on makes me happy. I’m so glad to be part of the yearbook family!

    sports staff Paige Transue, Kristina Fahey & Ashley Jones

    Hello, it’s Kristina Fahey. This is my second year on the yearbook staff. I was a part of the sports staff with Ashley, Paige and Ann. Luckily they’re all super cool, so it was fun. All the sports pages turned out super good, if I do say so myself. Work nights/days were the best time to work. So many funny things would happen, but we’d always get our work done. The fade people above the scores for each team were the best part of each spread. They look super cool but serious at the same time. Getting interviews always had something awkward about it. One time I went to interview a kid but the class I went into had a different kid with the same name, so it was super awkward. I think all our sports spreads look really good and it has definitely been a fun year. 

    Hello my name is Ashley Jones! I’ve been on this fine yearbook staff for two years with my partner in crime, Kristina Fahey. We got to skip Pubs I because we’re cool like that. We made the sports pages and they look pretty good, if I do say so myself. Especially the fade people, which are the cool looking things of people making intense faces with intense quotes. Being on staff has been amazingly fun, and it definitely has its awkward moments, but that’s what makes it fun. My favorite times in yearbook are the work days when we get Chipotle and laugh about the funny quotes people say and try to come up with sports headlines. It’s pretty much impossible. But we found a way to get it all done. I’m incredibly happy with how the sports pages and the entire book turned out. Woo—go yearbook!

    I’m Paige and this year being on the yearbook staff was a new and rewarding experience. I was part of the sports staff and I helped design a few of the many sports spreads. I had to organize, get quotes, and take pictures for all the pages in the yearbook including my own. My favorite part of he book is probably the fade people on each one of the sports pages. It made the sports section different and original. My favorite part about yearbook this year was all the parties and food we got. Also, the work nights could be really fun. But my favorite moment of all is when Ashley and Kristina cropped me into a picture of them and made me look like a man bahahaa. Overall, yearbook was really really great.


    Britney McKenzie & Mara Webster

    Hello, I’m Britney. This year has been amazing for me because it was my first year and I had an amazing partner, Mara. There isn’t just one thing I can pick as my favorite memory because I have a whole list. My most embarrassing moment, though, was when I walked into Mr. Samson’s room and asked to borrow someone, but they were taking a test, and if you know me you know I’m loud, so I accidently yelled and he wouldn’t let me take the person out for an interview until I apologized. There are so many fun things we do in yearbook and it is by far my favorite class. I love the parties and the deadlines because even though they are stressful, it is awesome to see your spread!  It felt really good to finish our first spread because I realized that it was one of the favorite in the class and I hope everyone else likes it too. I really think that people should take time to read through the time quotes on the chronological spreads because a lot of them are just funny. I guess you can start calling me a yearbook nerd! 

    Hello, my name is Mara and this is my second year being part of the yearbook family and I completely love it. Its always embarrassing when you have to call someone that you don’t know and the first things you say are, “Hi I’m Mara and I’m from yearbook …” and the conversation starts. Luckily I haven’t really had any embarrassing moments in yearbook … yet. My all-time favorite thing that has happened this year is when I was looking at the Whitney Update website and saw a picture that I took, and then below the picture it said “Photo by Mara Webster.” I was freaking out! My biggest accomplishment was me and Britney’s ( my yearbook partner) “when swine flu” package. The dominant picture was great, the headline was great and the information was great. Yearbook has been amazing and I can’t wait for year three next year. 

    Nikki O'Farrell & Angel del Castillo

    Hi, I’m Nikki O’Farrell. Yearbook is like the best class EVER because we eat a ton of food!  My wonderful, amazing partner, Angel del Castillo, and I are part of the staff who make the chronological spreads and we also made the Homecoming In the Moment spread. Finishing the In the Moment spread was a lot of hard work and stressful because it was a big deal,  kinda like things that are on a cover of a magazine, yeah, that big of a deal. I don’t think many people will notice all the tiny details that incorporate our theme, because there are soo many, it’s nonsense. However the best part of the yearbook, in my opinion, is the pages with all the black and white cutouts then a color cutout with a story. It makes the story stand out, I think. Yearbook is fun but it’s also hard work, like the time I went to interview a girl in a picture and she said something like, “That’s not me in the picture.” Yeah, I was like oh … Ha ha, but I absolutely looooooove yearbook! 

    Awesome. And cool. And amazing. And hungry. That pretty much sums me up. Me, as in Angel del Castillo. Yearbook is the bestest class ever because we get food and parties and Mrs. Nichols hands out stickers frequently. Who could ask for more, right? My partner is Nikki O’Farrell (the prettier one in our picture) and this year we completed FOUR spreads together. Lori said the average pair does about 2-3 spreads. We did four. We’re pretty much yearbook ninjas. I’m super-duper proud of all our spreads except one (’cause it was a boring week). But other than that, our spreads are boss. Like our Homecoming one? I wrote that story.  And me and Nikki hunted down a gajillion people  to get information for  “The Wedding Singer.” Me and Nikki are pretty proud of ourselves because we manage to crack down and get a lot done, so we’re always on time for deadlines. This year’s book is sooo freaking amazing, I’m pretty sure Obama ordered three of them. It’s that awesome. 

    Ashley Nolivo & Kenya Palla

    Hello, I’m Ashley. I am a sophomore and this is my first year of being in yearbook! Yearbook has got to be my favorite class. It’s really fun and the people are really nice. I swear, half of my lunches came from the food in yearbook. My partner in yearbook is Kenya, who is also my best friend. That means a lot of fun and sometimes embarrasing moments. Like the time when she pushed me into a classroom, I was so not ready! I stuttered and it was just really really embarrassing. Kenya and I eventually got our work done and made three spreads. The third spread we did is my favorite. We were really motivated because at the time there was only a week until the final deadline, and that made it that much funner. But, the Homecoming spread has got to be my favorite overall spread. There was such good pictures on it and when you look at it you can remember the exact moment of the night that the picture was taken. Overall, I hope people look at the entire book and think about how much work was put into it. I hope they notice the unique theme, the fantastic pictures and the well written spreads in general. Even though this was my first year in yearbook, I have gotten to know what it’s like and I can’t wait until I get to do it all over again. :) 

    Hello, I’m Kenya and I’m a sophomore that’s loving yearbook! This year I had some of the best times working with my partner and best friend Ashley Nolivo. I did a lot of new things as a first-time staffer, like take a million pictures in the hope that at least one would make it on a spread and finishing mine and Ashlety’s third spread which we worked very hard on. Even though I had tons of fun, being part of yeaarbook does come with its embarrasments. For instance, when Ashley and I had to interview a class of seniors and nobody was listening to us and a tiny girl finally got up and screamed at the class to be quiet. It was humiliating—ha ha. Although most everything about yearbook I love, my favorite parts are probably taking lots of pictures that other people will see and sharing this class with my twin, Ashley. I will always have so many memories from this class and the people in it. Like when Stephanie Grover was so nice and took a ton of time to help us with the gramatical errors in one of our spreads when we were on a deadline. And all of the food parties and games we played. The book turned out amazing with the best pictures we’ve had in Whitney High yearbooks so far, but my favorite spread is probably the Sadies spread because it had such great pictures. I can’t wait to have another fun-filled, eventful year. :-)

    Brycen Guerrero

    Sup guys! Brycen Guerrero reporting for duty. This is only my first year officially on the yearbook staff, and unfortunately also my last, since I’m graduating this year. sadface. I’m REALLY proud of the book we’ve made. I didn’t have a specific ‘job’ on staff, or a partner haha. I like to think of myself as the lone wolf, the jack of all trades, the go-to-guy. Just kidding. Sorta. I was responsible for a bunch of the senior ads, the business ads, and the specialty spreads. I definitely have a more creative, design oriented spot on staff. Someone is always asking me how to do something or other photoshop. My favorite memory of yearbook is every day. It’s horribly entertaining to be the only guy in a room of like thirty girls, most of which are abusive haha. Primarily, my favorite thing to do is take pictures. This year I’ve become really good with camera settings and composition. I hope that everyone enjoys our work, I’m pretty sure it’s the best ever. Cool Story Bro!


    specialty section editor Sierra Babinat

    Hi I’m Sierra and I’m kinda the official pumpkin cupcake/weird pastry baker for yearbook. I put a lot of effort into the specialty spreads. I totally forgot how to do cutouts before this, so Katie had to reteach me, which was a pain because I still would forget—ha ha. Luckily I’m pretty quiet in this class so I don’t THINK I’ve done anything embarrassing (I hope). I just step in this box of markers a TON and they fly all over the place. I love that we are all pretty relaxed and just comfortable in yearbook and can get along while still working hard and meeting our deadlines. It’s a good balance and it makes being a part of it a little less stressful. I honestly can’t even remember which spread was my favorite, so many of them just blur together, but my favorite color in the palette is definitely celery—that cool green color, love it! :-) 

    Lorrae Ybanez & Sara Meszaros

    Hello, my name is Lorrae. This year was intense and way epic. So many deadlines to worry about but my favorite memory of yearbook is playing some weird game that involved peanut butter and jelly. The only bad part was me and Sara lost. Oh well. My greatest accomplishment is when me and Sara mastered cutouts real fast. I didn’t really have a most embarrassing yearbook story because I was just a wallflower, quiet in the front. The one thing I felt super cool about designing were the specialty spreads, which are also my favorite. 

    Well hello there, my name is Sara. Yearbook had a lot of moments: the parties, the “marriage ceremony” and of course the food. But hands down, my favorite moment was one of the very first activities we did, which was the peanut butter and jelly race with my partner Lorrae. It got really messy. I always loathed going into classrooms because people turn around and stare at you when you walk in. It’s the only thing in yearbook that was embarrassing for me. On the contrary, of course my favorite parts were our themed parties and the yummy food. I’m hoping people like the specialty spreads—they’re my favorite and different than anything that has been done, so they’re really cool. 

    Ann Diep

    Not many people know me, actually half of the yearbook staff probably doesn’t know me, but those that do know me, know me as the Detail’s sports editor. I’m Ann Diep and all this year I’ve kind of been an outcast. I work alone, I’m in another class, and I have no partner (don’t worry it’s not as depressing as it seems). Throughout the year, being apart of the editorial staff has brought many tears, laughter attacks and calories to my life, A LOT of calories, but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. Ever since I was little, I would flip through the pages of my brother’s yearbooks, hoping one day I could be apart of something so great. This year was my year, my year to help contribute to an award winning yearbook and I wouldn’t of been able to create such amazing sports pages without my amazing, beautiful team members, Kristina Fahey, Ashley Jones and Paige Transue. I haven’t been able to see the other pages of the yearbook, but I hope everyone notices the smaller details of my sport pages. Such as, the “fade people” scoreboards and the cut out of faces on the basketball spread. My favorite spreads of the book are probably the sports spreads (obviously) and the sports and club dividers.

    Lauren Dormer & Kelsey Capik

    Hola, I’m Lauren Dormer. I’m a baby on the yearbook staff, 1 year and counting. :) So this year pretty much concluded as amazing thanks to my partner Kelsey Capik. We have had so many funny times together in yearbook, like people awkardly refusing to be interviewed by us and fighting about who gets to open the spread every class period. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better partner! My greatest accomplishment this year was definitely selling the most yearbooks. (I got $20 for it too!) The stalking and hunting down people was all worth it. This year has taught me so much. It has taught me a lot of interviewing and social skills, along with graphic skills. Which is sorta kinda what I want to do with the rest of my life, no big deal. We all of had so much fun with our constant yearbook parties and our little games. Yearbook=Amazing. I can’t imagine myself not in yearbook. I’m pretty sure I gained like 10 pounds from all the food we ate, but it’s all good! 

    Howdy, I’m Kelsey Capik and I love being on the yearbook staff and being a partner with my bff, Lauren Dormer. Yearbook is my favorite class because we have parties, eat food, get to bond with friends and get to be a part of making an amazing yearbook. I have made so many new friends and learned so many cool tricks this year, it’s great. The whole yearbook is seriously awesome, I love everyone’s spreads and I especially love the Facebook “like” icons. I’m so proud of the work Lauren and I have done. My favorite thing we did was our last spread with the awesome baseball dominant package and I’m so proud of myself getting the most time quotes out of everyone! Everything about yearbook is great, except when you’re interviewing someone, and they say no—that’s awkward, embarrassing, but mostly hilarious. I am so glad I’m in yearbook and I can’t wait for next year. 

    business managers Kourtney Graham & Drea De Ollas

     This year on yearbook staff me, Kourtney Graham, and my wonderful partner Drea were Business managers. You might think business managers don’t have a big role on yearbook staff but you’re wrong… We might not have a part it creating spreads or designing ads or anything like that but I must say we had a lot of work to get done this year and I couldn’t have done it without Drea. We were responsible for advertising and selling the yearbooks, in charge of marketing and sales, handling all business transactions, including yearbook sales, advertising sales, etc. Making posters to hang around school, Keep track of all of the students who have purchased a book and keep them on file, fill out receipts for every order we receive. We make phone calls to parents about deadlines and payments that still need to be paid, and keep records of all yearbooks ordered. I really enjoyed my time on yearbook staff and I encourage everybody to take the class to see how they like it :) I was in Publications I my freshman year and this year which is my senior year and I really wish I could have been apart of yearbook all four years of my high school because I loved it. My favorite part was probably the food parties we always had because yearbook likes to eat! and of course, being able to see the yearbook before anyone else, which is pretty cool. Everyone has done such an amazing job on staff and our 2010 book is going to win more national awards just like our yearbooks have every year! I really liked that this year our staff made sure they had coverage on almost every person in the school. It makes everyone more excited to see the yearbook and look back because they were actually noticed in it.


    Aloha everyone! I’m Drea D and I am the business manager of the yearbook which is different than a regular staffer. I work with my partner Kourtney and well in the beginning we did a lot of deposits. Our main job is to keep track of everyone who buys yearbooks, and the money. We also advertise and just try and get Details out there. So basically my job is pretty random to people. My favorite part of the book is definitely the edgy cut-outs and colors. I love the names of the colors so funky. Just being in yearbook I notice a lot of things about the books as well as other schools that people don’t therefore I am a yearbook nerd. Check out the specialty pages I love them. I definitely love love LOVE the t-shirts, daily discussions and food. OMG I love the food! My favorite party was the “dip” party. I’ve been on the staff for 3 years now, this will be my last year seeing as how I am a senior now.. CLASS of 2010! Ciao.