• Ann Diep

    Ann Diep (senior ads designer): Seeing all my creativity expload onto the computer when I create senior ads.

    Nikki O'Farrell and Mara Webster

    Nikki O’Farrell (coverage editor): It’s amazing that we eat in Pubs all the time and it’s amazing when Ashley gets in trouble for eating all the food.

    Mara Webster (coverage editor): This year was amazing. Coverage editors are amazing. The coverage spreads are amazing and if you don’t like them we will hunt you down.

    Ashley Nolivo and Angel del Castillo

    Ashley Nolivo: Publications is amazing because there is no other class on campus like it. We have so much fun everyday and we put all of our ideas and talents together to create an amazing, over-the-top book.

    Angel del Castillo: The feeling of knowing that I contributed in a big way to this year’s book is amazing. Getting cake balls along the way is amazing too…

    Matt McConnell and Mariah Fairbanks

    Matt McConnell (sports): “Who is amazing” is a question we asked alot of people this year, but to me, my partner Mariah Fairbanks is amazing. She’s there for me when I need her to cover a photo shoot for me, or cut out a picture from the sports pages. Thank you Mariah Fairbaanks.

    Mariah Fairbanks (sports): So in one word, this year was amazing. I chose a new position and loved doing it. I was apart of sports staff with Lauren, Kelsey and Matt. It was different because I got to design a lot and take pictures of sports every week. There were many stressful deadlines where I would stay in the yearbook room during lunch. What a nerd? I know, but it was all worth it when I saw the sports pages complete. They looked so amazing. All the work the staff put in paid off. P.S. Thanks to Mrs. Nichols for a great year.

    Kristyn Lorek and Hayley Silva

    Kristyn Lorek: My favorite memories in yearbook is being able to work with one of my best friends. She has been such a great partner this year and she is like a sister to me. I love when we goof off and laugh hysterically about random things in our lives. Yearbook is amazing!

    Hayley Silva: Yearbook brought me closer to my best friend ever since we were little and not only have we been able to learn about yearbook but we’ve learned alot about each other and I love the best partner in the world!

    Lynndsay O'Neill and Marrisa Morales

    Lynndsay O’Neill(buisness manager): What makes publications amazing is the satisfaction the yearbook staff gets when the yearbooks come out and all the students love it and we know that all of our hard work and time spent has paid off.

    Marrisa Morales(buisness manager): The entertainment of trying to be creative with writing catchy phrases to get people’s attention to look at the poster and remember to buy a yearbook was AMAZING!

    Kourtnee Houge and Margaret Tinker

    Kourtnee Hogue (senior editor): Who is amazing: Margaret Tinker. What is amazing: Listening to music while laughing at Margaret. Where is amazing: Anywhere with Margaret! When is amazing: When I’m not with Margaret.. Just kidding!

    Margaret Tinker(senior editor): The thing that makes yearbook amazing is definitely the people. Especially my fabulous partner Kourtnee. It’s like one big family and everyone understands each other when it comes to making an amazing book.

    Eleanor Mueller and Jessica Salvato

    Eleanor Mueller: Who is Amazing: Katie Rogers because she knows how to put up with all my questions. What is Amazing: This yearbook! It brought out so much of me and I learned so much about myself and InDesign. When is Amazing: When we finally saw the yearbooks, the feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming! Where is Amazing: C-2 because that’s where all the magic happens.

    Jessica Salvato: This year has been amazing in yearbook because I got the chance to be apart of the yearbook family and interview new people. I love the behind the scene look on events. My yearbook partner is amazing and the feeling when you are done with a deadline and everything is complete is amazing.

    Ashlyn Ellis and Megan Malm

    Ashlyn Ellis: Yearbook is amazing because it has made this year so fun and given me the opportunity to meet so many new people. Also, Its such an amazing feeling when you finish a spread and you can look at it and know you did a great job!

    Megan Malm: Yearbook is amazing because it’s a bunch of games, food, friends and pink boxes all mashed together.

    Katelyn Piziali and Benit Meyer

    Katelyn Piziali: I love how yearbook includes everyone in the process of making our yearbook. I love how it brings everyone together and it makes you and your partner so proud when you finish your spreads. I love working with my partner Benit and I also love all the fun that is included in yearbook. Like the parties, the birthdays, the games, and the pink-boxed treats.

    Benit Meyer: Yearbook is especially amazing because it taught me how to break out of my shell. I can’t imagine having not been apart of the Details staff this year since it helped become who I am right now, totally different from the person I was in the beginning of the year. Being apart of such a close family at school makes the extra time I spent in C-2 with my partner, Katelyn, so much more enjoyable!

    Alexea Negrete and Carrissah Calvin

    Alexea Negrete (clubs editor): Who is amazing: my yearbook partner Carrissah Calvin. What is amazing: the 2010-2011 yearbook. Amazing is when I see the reaction of every student in love with their yearbook after they receive it. Where is amazing C2 where all the magic happens.

    Carrissah Calvin (clubs editor): My yearbook partner Alexea Negrete is amazing. My favorite memory of yearbook was when me and Alexea had been searching for this person to quote for days and we randomly ran into him and recognized him by his picture. He had no clue who we were and we were so excited and he was just confused. I love yearbook and all the people in it because everyone is so funny and worked hard to complete the book.

    Kaylin Squyers and Kenya Palla

    Kaylin Squyers: There is a reason why this volume of Details is called amazing! We have the BEST people in the school working hard making a award-winning yearbook, always eating food and having fun!

    Kenya Palla: All of our spreads are what’s amazing. My partner is who’s amazing. C2 is where’s amazing. 5th period is when’s amazing.

    Amanda Brockman and Maddie Hankins

    Amanda Brockman: Pubs is amazing because I love Maddie as my partner to help me. Pubs is amazing because we show the school what we are all about. Pubs is amazing when we get to eat every class for birthdays. Pubs is amazing at Whitney High School.

    Maddie Hankins: Pubs is amazing because Amanda Brockman is my partner!

    Kelsey Capik and Lauren Dormer

    Kelsey Capik: Life is amazing having my yearbook family to do amazing work.

    Lauren Dormer: Yearbook is amazing because opening the book at the end of the year and turning the pages directly to your spreads is priceless.

    Mikala Klein and Hannah Heflin

    Mikala Klein: Yearbook is amazing because you get to capture the year in one spot for people to go back and look at for a lifetime.

    Hannah Heflin: This year in yearbook has been amazing because I have had a wonderful oportunity to meet some of the nicest and most creative people. We are all like a little family in this class.