• Lauren Roudebush, Amanda Peterson and Katie Rogers


    Lauren Roudebush: Being part of Details yearbook is amazing because we work towards one goal the whole year and the satisfaction we get when we finally get to hold the book is so rewarding. Our sleepless nights and 11 hour work days are all worth it in the end because I love being a part of something that will last forever.

    Amanda Peterson: My co-editors Peterbush and A. Rogers are amazing. Spending countless hours in C-2 with them, though it sometimes led to insanity and Lauren biting me, was all worth it. I love that in 20 years everyone will get down their high school memories box and take out the yearbook that I helped make and will be able to recall the memories that I helped document. That is amazing.

    Katie Rogers:  The anticipation of opening that hot-off-the-press book and looking through it thinking about how I made this with some of my favorite people at this school is what makes yearbook amazing.