• API lunch raffle leads to lucky draw

    Reaching into one of the prize buckets to draw the winner, Aly Herkins and Colleen Daley assist Mrs. Debra Hawkins with the raffle during the API Barbecue on April 23. The annual barbecue took place outside the cafeteria with lines of students waiting for food. The options for lunch that day were a hot dog, a vegetable burger, a bag of chips, a frozen fruit squeeze and either water or milk. The barbecue was meant to reward students for last year’s test results and motivate them for CSTs that began the next day. As everyone ate their lunches in the amphitheater, Herkins, Daley and Hawkins drew the raffle tickets for the various prizes offered. Coincidentally, Herkins’ ticket was drawn from the bucket for the two LMFAO concert tickets. “I honestly felt like I had just won a million dollars. I thought it was impossible for me to win since there were so many tickets in the raffle,” Herkins said. Photo by A. PETERSON

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