• Senior BallIn the ballroom at the Masonic Temple on May 11, seniors dance during the ‘Arabian Nights’ themed Senior Ball. The dance was held at the Masonic Temple and 360 people attended. The event was catered by the Granite Rock Grill and the menu included chicken cordon bleu, fettucine alfredo and an ice cream sundae bar for dessert. DJ Hector S. played music until 10:30 p.m. when the dance ended. “My favorite part of Senior Ball was going with my best friend. I also thought the photo booth was really fun because you could be yourself with your friends. I put the photo strips on a table in my room and I plan on always keeping them,” Brianna Wrathall said. Photo by C. CLARK

    1. Laynee Takigawa on Thursday 23, 2013

      i love the photo! great use of action and reaction and also birds eye view! i love it!!

    2. raj gill on Thursday 23, 2013

      great job! Cute theme!

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