• Dancers dress in spectacles and suspenders

    During the nerd section, dancers do the sprinkler in the routine “We Got the Beat” during dress rehearsal on May 18. This routine, choreographed by Michaela Cano and Marlowe Altamirano, was about nerds who befriend 80s dancers who show them how to dance. The nerd costume consisted of a white button-down shirt, suspenders, rolled-up jeans, high socks and colored shoes. The spring dance show displayed dances from all four levels of dance classes. Tickets cost $5 for students and $7 for general admission. Photo by Eleanor Mueller

    1. Eleanor Mueller on Thursday 19, 2011

      I thought the dance show was AMAZING! and this picture expresses so much personality from the girls. its so funny!

    2. Lindsay Sowers on Thursday 19, 2011

      I didn’t go to the dance show but I wish i did becasue it looked really good :)

    3. Maddie Hankins on Thursday 19, 2011

      I love Amanda’s tongue sticking out of her mouth!

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