• It’s your yearbook, and we want you to be part of it. We’re working on new and exciting photo submission tools, but for now, here’s how to get us your photos:

    - e-mail them to us at detailsyearbook@gmail.com or whsybk@rocklin.k12.ca.us and include your complete contact information (your name, name of the person who shot the photo(s), basic information about the event, cell phone number and e-mail address)

    - drop off a CD, flash drive or memory card in C-2 during regular school hours

    A few things you should know:

    - We don’t use every image we receive. There’s lots of reasons, so please understand. Editors and staff members spend a lot of time brainstorming and reporting to provide interesting and relevant coverage for all sorts of topics.

    - Quality matters. We use high-resolution images. If your stuff was shot from a simple camera phone or from 100 miles away with a small flash, sorry, but we probably can’t use it.

    - We’ll be checking in with you if/when we plan to use your images. We verify information about the photo and conduct research so we can provide complete information. We’ll probably stalk you until we get everything we need. Don’t be creeped out; it’s just what we do to¬† make sure all of our info is as accurate as possible.