• 2010 Details editors Liz Grover, Sara Roudebush, Kaitlynn Gruber and Loriana Di Gino hold a promotional banner at Showcase Night after meeting with incoming freshmen about what the publications program has to offer.

    Room C-2 is a crazy place. From theme parties and crazy amounts of food to deadline stress, mailboxes and Post-It notes, it’s a great place to be part of something big.

    Students interested in yearbook start with Publications I. It’s an elective class for technology credit in the Communication Studies department. You can take this at any grade level, and you’ll learn a little bit about interviewing, reporting, design, photography, concept, coverage and how yearbook works. You’ll get to contribute to the book and decide whether to apply for a position on staff the following year.

    Publications II-III-IV is yearbook class, and the staff is usually comprised of 30 students in grades 10-12. Sometimes students have special circumstances that enable them to go directly to yearbook without taking Pubs I (Did you take photojournalism? graphic comm? mass media?), so if you think you have sufficient background and you’re ready for the advanced publications class, e-mail Mrs. Nichols at snichols@rocklin.k12.ca.us.

    What do we do, exactly? Well, it’s a lot of work. We won’t lie. But it’s also a lot of fun and something to remember forever. Here’s some of what we do:

    - report on things happening at WHS and in students’ lives outside of school
    - conduct interviews, polls, surveys and market research
    - shoot digital photos (and in the future, video too!)
    - use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign
    - create and implement marketing and sales plans
    - sell advertisements and design business ads
    - write stories, headlines, captions and alternative copy forms
    - edit pages for consistency and style
    - produce Details yearbook and http://detailsyearbook.com

    And we also:
    - attend local, state and national journalism conferences and yearbook workshops
    - eat, play, laugh and much more!

    CLICK HERE for the staff application.