• girls’ JV water polo

    “One girl on our team’s mom used to bring us huge lunches with cheese, crackers and salami. The varsity team taught us to say “DAH” (to stand for “Destroy All Hope”) so as captain I introduced that concept,” Mykalla Anderson said.

    boys’ varsity volleyball

    “We do a little chant before games and it go a little like this, ‘Hurrrahhhhhh.’ One time we did it and Eric Giacommi fell on his face. It was really funny; we all laughed, including Tim Frost, and he’s the nicest person on the team,” Garrett Longacre said.


    Cats for the Cure

    “We did Relay for Life and we also did Strides. We all had to work together and figure stuff out. I had to run in a Yoda backpack,”  Tiffiny Hollenbeck said.

    JV cheer

    “We were really close; everyone was really funny. On the bus when we would ride to away games, we’d color Spongebob and we’d have tons of blankets and eat food, mostly Cheetos with cream cheese,” Sam Mitchell said.  

    varsity cheer

    “I liked being on varsity because we did a lot of team bonding so in the end we would be like a family. We would have secret circles and all share secrets,” Ashley Fine said


    cross country

    “We run as a group at practice. We had a fun run at Lincoln and had a BBQ and (went canoeing). Before races, boys warm up together and the girls warm up together, which helped us focus. Then we would all cool down together and it would help us unwind. Everyone supported each other when they weren’t feeling good or running slow,” Christina Malek said.

    dance team

    “For the most part in the beginning it was strange but by the end we became a lot closer because we would have team sleepovers and other things on the side,” Summer Hannon said.

    girls' varsity basketball

    “The most extreme team bonding activity was when we had our last team sleepover at Paige Transue’s house. We bonded the most during our Oregon trip when we roomed together and had game nights,” Kristine Lynch said.

    varsity golf

    “The girls’ golf team has really grown since the beginning of the year. We do a lot of things to bond, like when we go on road trips, we goof around and just have a good time with each other. It’s lots of fun and we get a lot of jokes out of it. On our big trip to Danville, we all stay in a hotel and have a giant sleepover and we play the game Catch Phrase and it’s a lot of fun. I always look forward to the trip. At the end of the year, we have a big huge party and we say our goodbyes. The team aspect and working together has really pushed us all to play better and work harder. I love my team and I hope we can all stay together throughout the years,” Sheila Perkins said.

    JV golf

    “For team bonding we would do a lot of stretching and warming up.  We’d go putting and go to the range together. In the beginning we had to play aname game,” Alexis Bagon said.


    Longboard club

     “We were all friends before the club so we didn’t have to ‘bond’ together. It’s basically a club for our group. It’s and excuse to meet in a class, plan things and just mess around. We all hang out outside the club at lunch and at break and everything. Basically it’s an official club for our friends,” Garrett Gruessing said.


     “We usually get together at someone’s house to hang out and there is always lots of food. Then we dance and eat all day long. I love being apart of Pak 4 because I get to hang out with my best friends and I get to express myself at the same time,” Marisol Gomes said.

    students from Publications I

     “The games are really good for bonding because it gets us to work together, communicate and have a good time. Ninja and the pretzel game are my favorite games we’ve played,” Brittney Neumann said.


    “We did a lot of improv and told a lot of jokes; we wanted to make each other laugh. The most fun was watching rehearsals for our skits because we were able to pick on each other and laugh a lot while we were still getting ready for what we had to do,” Kayla Krough said.

    girls' varsity soccer

     “We go to pasta feeds the night before games at different people’s houses. We also go to lunch on minimum days together. The team had a sleepover, where we went to a haunted house and did a scavenger hunt. Our team is like a family. At practice we all have fun, laugh and joke around. Then we get serious for games,” Katie Lovell said.

    girls' JV soccer

    “I like soccer because of its intensity and high athleticism. I play center forward and back up goalie. And I most definately an offense player because I like to score goals. I really enjoy the friends I make when I play soccer and the life experiences you attain. Because they make you feel like you’re part of a second family,” Shea Barker said.

    boys' varsity soccer

    “We have a pasta feed before every home game and before the game we always went to Chevron to get really unhealthy snacks to eat before the game,” Eirik Sterri said.

    JV softball

     “Me and Kaylin have a special handsake that we usually do after every strikeout. It keeps me focused and keeps my energy up,” Megan Mello said.

    varsity softball

     “Our team bonded by having team dinners. This one time we went to Megan Gittins’ house/farm and she had a whole house full of chickens that laid eggs. She had a personal horse that we got to ride on and I guess amazing food. It was really enjoyable,” Cassandra Weiss said.



     “At the meetings we usually have food and we bond over talking about each of our classes. We had lunch meetings every week and for awhile Mrs. (Jennifer) Hanks brought food,” Jamie Whitfield said.

    boys' tennis

    “We had a cookout  and we played ping pong and swam and cooked marshmallows. Before each match our coach talks to us and gives us advice on how to beat opponents,” T.J. Papenfuss said.

    girls' tennis

    “I love being on the tennis team because everyone gets along and we have fun but at the same time everyone is competitive. I also enjoy the rides to the games with my team; they’re never boring,” Grace Martinelli said.


     “Sometimes we get together after school to prepare events and once we went to Alexa’s house because a TOMS commercial was supposed to appear during American Idol,” Roxanna Caron said.


    “I tried out for track because I’ve been running since I was nine months old. I run 100 meters, 200 meters and long jump. My favorite is the 100 meter and my time is 15 seconds. Track is a good form of exercise that helps you lose weight,” Maxx Barry said.


    girls' JV volleyball

    “We were all friends we all had a good time hanging out. We had really fun practices because we all mess around,” Kasey Holm said.

    varsity volleyball

    “I like all the girls on our team. We all get along really well and we have a lot of inside jokes. We had a team pasta dinner and a team sleepover. Our teams freakin’ crazy,” Chelsea Saville said.

    boys' JV volleyball

    “As a team, we all mess around with the freshmen. We play jokes on them all the time. One time, we took all their bags and threw them into the basketball hoops. I feel like a big brother to all the freshmen,” Justin Saba said.

    girls' varsity water polo

    “This was my favorite year team-wise because we’ve been playing together for so long. So you know how they play and what I can expect from them. We had a team sleepover and a big dinner at the Grovers’ house,” Kyla Sebens said.

    boys' water polo

    “Being on the team was a good experience overall because I got to connect with people I wouldn’t normally connect with. It was a good time,” Dylan Powers said.



    “I like when we all made T-shirts together. I liked the rally too where we all got to pretend that we were eating one another and then the two people tried to stop us. I loved putting on paint that everyone had brought in too,” Zachary Zwickl said.