• Rocklin gets “covered” in Kony 2012

    Taping a poster on April 20, Amanda Peterson,  Mary Mae Caldwell and Aly Herkins help raise awareness for Kony 2012 movement. Invisible Children released a short film on March 5 describing the war that had been ongoing for 26 years in Central Africa. The 30-minute video encouraged people from all over the United States to participate in ‘Cover the Night’ on April 20 to indirectly assist in the capturing of Joseph Kony by raising awareness. Kony was the leader of the LRA, the Lord’s Resistance Army, and has been abducting children, forcing them to become soldiers. After the short film went viral, Facebook events were created for those who were interested in being apart of the movement. On the night of the event, students from Whitney went out to place flyers strategically through the community. Photo by K. SAYLOR

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