• Yearbooks handed out and sell out

    On May 25 inside C-2, the yearbook staff alphabetizes 1,050 yearbooks. The yearbook staff alphabetized books during periods 2, 4 and 6 to make it easier for that afternoon’s Yearbook Signing Party. The yearbooks were handed out during the rally and lunch for seniors, and after school for everyone else who purchased a ticket. At the signing party, they sold books for $80 cash. “As business managers, we worked at the ‘Trouble’ table and helped whenever there was an issue, as well as selling the few yearbooks we had left. While was everyone was alphabetizing the yearbooks, I organized all the receipts and order forms in alphabetical order. And then I help place The Little Picture inside the yearbook,” Lynndsay O’Neill said. photo by: M. MALM

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